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Cat acupuncture

In this illustrations are represented the acupuncture points of the Main Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the cat’s skeleton system (above), on its muscular system (down on the left) and on its fur, as we see it without X-rays (as there is only one Superman, and we can find him only in comics!).

As I am an illustrator with extensive Applied Kinesiology skills, and I’m a curious guy and a researcher, in the last two years I have been working on a project of illustrative tables within the Veterinary Clinic, specifically on the acupuncture points of the Main Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In PHYSIS – International Institute of Kinesiology – I’ve become a kinesiologist, after 3 years of in-depth study and, thanking Dr. Gaudenzio Garozzo, back in 2014-15, I’ve deepened my knowledge about TCM; this knowledge, combined with my skills as an illustrator, inspired me to produce a series of anatomical tables representing the skeletal system and the canine muscular system, crossed by these meridians, on which the acupuncture points are highlighted.

By doing this work, I realized that I have produced illustrations whose strengths can be summarized as:

  • Diligence in the visual reproduction of the canine skeleton
  • The meticulousness in the reproduction of every muscle and tendon, with relative points of origin and insertion
  • The accuracy in the arrangement of the path of each Main Meridian
  • The precision in the positioning of each acupuncture point
  • The plurality of visual frames that allow a better identification of the acupoints through triangulation

According to my research, this approach has not yet been addressed by anyone until now or, however, is not yet existing in these terms in the images of acupuncture applied to dog anatomy (link to images already developed: https:///;  I intend to extend this research to acupuncture applied to feline anatomy (sample images at this link: https:/// and, at a later date, to the equine anatomy.

For the purposes of an editorial project, the development of illustrations, composition of writings and images and layouts is my responsibility, while I am researching a veterinarian with Traditional Chinese Medicine skills who will actively collaborate with me on the correct placement of acupoints, via Skype, via Zoom, via Telegram or whatever. Of course, we will also discuss the details of this collaboration regarding merits and earnings.

If you are interested in collaborating with this project, please write me as soon as you can; conversely, thank you for the time dedicated to reading this text and I wish you good luck.