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 I created Kinesiolographic, a brand new name (or so I like to think about it), merging  Kinesiology and Graphics; there is “olo” in between them as a link matching kinesi and graphic, and referring to the holographic universe we all live on.

from greek: “Kinesis” = movement, motion

“olòs” = whole, entire

“grafia” = writing, drawing, descriptions, studying

So when I began studying Kinesiology, I also started  drawing muscular tests, diagrams, tables and many more…and I haven’t stopped doin’it yet.

 The aim of this site is providing


created by myself about a specific topic, theme or concept, highlighting the quality and the precise anatomy of  bodies. If it needs for.

According to the kind of work, images can be both bitmap or vector based, as showed in some samples in this page:


I love working on a specific request about a topic, discipline or technique in order to create an illustration, because this kind of collaborations gives me the opportunity to meet very interesting people as well as expanding knowledge about the world around us and  ourselves.  

Every project is tailored to the clients’ needs, after a careful understanding of it.