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In 2008, part of my vertebrae (T3-T4-T5)  lost their curve and became more straight than they should be. When I lifted weights, It gave me random stabbing pain and inability to move from my bed. Eventually, I had to give up my  job as craftsman.

After trying many techniques, more or less known, a friend of mine introduced me to Marco RadoApplied Physiology ‘s official representative in Italy.

Just few sessions were enough to resume my spine to its earlier  health status. Of course, that technique impressed me  positively, stimulating my scientific curiosity. So  I wanted to learn more and more  about this new, never-heard-before thing called Kinesiology. My life had started a new path (but I didn’t know it at that time).

I began attending Marco Rado’s Integrative Physiology classes, along the well-known Touch For Health and Applied Physiology modalities. I achieved S.O.S qualification (Stress Observation Specialist) and, now coming in March 2022,  Kinesiologist qualification, that is going to be released by Physis – International Kinesiology Institute, founded by Marco Rado and Monica Angelillo.

In meantime, I learned Antistress T.I.B. massage (Tecniche Integrate di Benessere – Wellness Integrated Techniques),  Dorn method and Breuss massage. I got to the 2nd Reiki Level.  I also studied modalities like Profiling and A.D.R. (Autonomic Digital Reflex) from Alberto Garoli. From the 1st level to the MasterClass, I completed the entire Kinergetics training by Philip Rafferty, Australian Applied Physiology’s official representative. I also followed Debora Marassi’s way to self-awareness.

Through this journey, what is clear to me is this:  new scientific discoveries happen all the time, curiosity is  stimulated constantly and Kinesiology is able to keep re-inventing itself day by day. It’s just one of the many reasons I love it.